The Widow of Port Seaton
421 Pages
Book Size 5.5" x 8.5" x 1"

1840's Massachusetts

Upon leaving Boston in disgrace Gael Somerled, a young widow, finds employment as a lighthouse keeper in Port Seaton. She immediately draws the unwanted romantic notice of her clergyman, the socially awkward Andrew Zabel, who embarks upon a vigorous campaign to win her. What begins as a sadly comical pursuit soon turns obsessive. Gael's attempts to politely rebuff the powerful minister prove unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Gael begins a close friendship with Sam Corbyn, a harbor pilot by night and an artist by day. They soon fall in love. Fueled by jealousy, Andrew begins to stalk and terrorize Gael. Upon informing a local constable of Andrew's conduct, Gael discovers that no laws exist to protect her. The stage is set for a frightening end to the struggle of wills between Gael and Andrew.

The Widow of Port Seaton (ISBN 9780971466715) has been praised for its rich historical details and moving love story. Gibbs' acclaimed debut novel, The Bend in the River (ISBN 9780971466708) remains a hit with reviewers and readers, and was a semi-finalist in the 2005 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY).

Her newest offering is The Coachman (ISBN 9780971466722), 2017, a Distinguished Favorite of the 2017 Independent Press Awards for Historical Fiction.