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For the second time, Susan’s writing has been nationally recognized!

May, 2017: The Coachman (ISBN 9780971466722) has been chosen as a Distinguished Favorite of the 2017 Independent Press Awards for Historical Fiction

2005: Susan’s debut novel, The Bend in the River (ISBN 9780971466708) was a semi-finalist in the 2005 Independent Publisher Book Awards

An Army Brat born in Anchorage, Alaska, Susan Gibbs currently lives in Michigan with her husband. She knew from an early age that she wanted to write books but, when she grew up, put aside that dream in favor of making a living. After years of wanting and wishing to be an author, she took action and bravely left her career in a large computer services company. Leaving behind the workaday world was easy, but Susan misses the wonderful people that she worked with.

“For years, I planned for this move so I could make writing my full-time career, but I was leaving behind relationships I had enjoyed for over sixteen years. As I left the office building on my last day of work, I felt as if I were walking off a gangplank. It was a true gamble to leave a secure job and a steady paycheck,” Susan says.

When asked why she started her own company, Susan’s reply, like her writing style, is characteristically direct.

“I don’t mean this in an arrogant way, but I didn’t want anyone telling me what to do. I believe that there are many, many readers who want a unique, unpredictable, stirring, and riveting story—a safe place to become lost for a few hours. I work very hard to deliver just that. Writing is a very solitary profession, yet I always keep a certain detachment and a primary thought in mind: Would I want to read this book and would I enjoy it? That bit of distance keeps me focused. I love writing and I write for readers that love to read.”

In 2002, Susan’s first adult historical fiction novel, The Bend in the River (ISBN 9780971466708), was released. The story portrayed the interracial marriage of Emma Jorden and half-breed Cheyenne warrior Shea Hawkshadow. This was no Indian and the maiden story, which surprised and entertained readers and reviewers alike. To her continued amazement, she receives letters, cards, and e-mails from readers all over the world who praise the novel. Two common comments from every fan are that the book was impossible to put down and that The Bend in the River would make a great television mini-series. Readers empathize with her characters and keep turning the pages to find out what happens next. No one is disappointed! Susan was ecstatic when The Bend in the River was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2005 Independent Publisher Book Awards. “Having my debut novel do that well in that prestigious contest was as good as winning,” she remarked.

In December, 2012, Susan released her second novel, The Widow of Port Seaton (ISBN 9780971466715). The story is about a young widow’s life as a lighthouse keeper in 1840’s Massachusetts. It was distinguished for its moving love story and rich historical details that kept readers turning the pages.

Her newest novel, The Coachman (ISBN 9780971466722), released in early 2017, is set in Victorian Era England. It is available as both a book, through her Web site, and a Kindle book through The Coachman chronicles the relationship between a young woman raised in a workhouse and a royal coachman.

The Coachman has been chosen as a Distinguished Favorite of the 2017 Independent Press Awards

Susan’s writing style is fast-paced, yet eloquent, and packed with detail. Her characters are never passive and continually act and grow throughout the story. From the opening paragraphs, she sets the stage and the reader senses the advent of an epic story. Focusing tightly on realistic portrayals, her characters are unique, undeniably human, and unforgettable.

“Writing is both a thrill and a serious study of human nature,” Susan states. “I create a relatable world for my characters and my readers. No matter when in time a story is set, I truly enjoy getting the historical details just right. Weaving those elements into the plot is challenging and I avoid making the story a history lesson.” Susan adds, “Everyone needs love. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has problems. Everyone has choices. Using those primary themes, I make my characters real. They are full of conflicts, worries, dreams, self-imposed obstacles, and desires. Some of my characters’ dreams come true and some do not. Isn’t that just how life is?”

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